Sheffield Aero Club

Sheffield Aero Club Members Flying Rates and Fees

Members Rates and Information
Cessna 152
  Flying Training £140.00 per  hour
  Flying Start Package £350.00 per person

PPL Hire £100.00 per tacho hour
Cessna  172

Flying Training £180.00 per hobbs hour
  PPL Hire £145.00 per hobbs hour
Instructor Hire for Private Aircraft £40.00 per hour

NOTE: a cancellation fee of £30.00 is charged if 48 hours notice is not received.

Tacho hours

A tacho hour equates to approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Avgas 100LL   £1.55 per litre (inc. VAT)
Membership Rates
Flying Membership   £200.00
Social Membership   £100.00
Social Membership (over 60's)   £50.00
Junior Flying (under 18)   £75.00
Radiotelephony Pass Mark 75%

Exam Fee £55.00 each

Re-sit £45.00 each
Aviation Law
Aeroplane Technical
Human Performance & Limitations
Flight Planning & Performance
IMC (not required for PPL or NPPL) Pass Mark 72%
Ground Schools

Ground schools are run periodically to assist you in preparing for the written examinations

For all course prices  please apply to our Chief Flying Instructor

Radiotelephony (8 week course)
Navigation (10 week course)
Meteorology (10 week course)
Aeroplane Technical (5 week course)
Aviation Law (3 week course)
Flight Planning & Performance (3 week course)
Instructor Ground School (per hour) £ 30.00
Flight Tests
Skill Test – 5 sections/Proficiency Test (PPL only) £170.00.  (Partial re-test £120.00 per section)
General Flight Test (NPPL only) £90.00.  (Re-test £60.00)
Navigation Flight Test (NPPL only) £90.00.  (Re-test £60.00)
LAPL Proficiency Check £60.00
IMC Issue/Renewal £100.00.  (Re-test £80.00)
Hangarage & Tie-downs.
Hangarage £127.00 per month (5% off if 12 months paid before 31st January.
Tie-down £86.00 per month (5% off if 12 months paid before 31st January.

Prices may change without notice. Prices correct as of February 2016.