Sheffield Aero Club

Sheffield Aero Club Members Flying Rates and Fees

Members Rates and Information
Cessna 152
  Flying Training £150.00 per  hour
  Flying Start Package £350.00 per person

PPL Hire £88.00 per hour
Cessna  172

Flying Training £190.00 per hour
  PPL Hire £155.00 per hour
Instructor Hire for Private Aircraft £45.00 per hour

NOTE: a cancellation fee of £30.00 is charged if 48 hours notice is not received.

Avgas 100LL   £1.90 per litre (inc. VAT)
Membership Rates
Introductory Membership   £175.00
Flying Membership   £200.00
Social Membership   £100.00
Social Membership (over 60's)   £50.00
Junior Flying (under 18)   £75.00
Radiotelephony Exam Fee £55.00 each

Re-sit £45.00 each
Aviation Law
Aeroplane Technical
Human Performance & Limitations
Flight Planning & Performance
Ground Schools
Instructor Ground School (per hour) £ 30.00
Flight Tests
Skill Test/Proficiency Test £170.00.  (Partial re-test £120.00)
General Flight Test £70.00
Navigation Flight Test £70.00
LAPL Proficiency Check £60.00
IMC Issue/Renewal £100.00.  (Re-test £80.00)
Hangarage & Tie-downs.
Hangarage £127.00 per month (5% off if 12 months paid before 31st January.
Tie-down £86.00 per month (5% off if 12 months paid before 31st January.

Prices correct as of November 2018.