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Flying into Netherthorpe - Information for Visiting Pilots

Arrival and Departure Information

From 1st Dec 2018 Netherthorpe's air/ground frequency is changing to 123.280. All aircraft that are not 8.33kHz equipped will not be granted PPR.

Due to the limiting size of the airfield Netherthorpe is strictly PPR by telephone. Visitors will be given a PPR number which must be quoted upon first radio contact.  Without a PPR number, we cannot allow you to land as we have no proof that you have received a verbal briefing regarding the weather and runway conditions.

Netherthorpe ATZ and Doncaster CTA

Please note that the upper limit of the Netherthorpe ATZ lies within the Doncaster CTA. Doncaster have recently notified us of their intention to prosecute any and all transgressors now that the zone has been established for over a year. Please ensure you obtain clearance from Doncaster Radar on 126.225 if required.

Runway 24 06 18 36
LDA (m) 370 407 357 309
TORA (m) 490 476 382 382

When arriving please make an overhead join at 1800ft if there is any other traffic in the circuit. Circuit height is 800ft. For noise abatement reasons, please do not overfly the surrounding villages and in windy conditions please ensure you are not carried over them - particularly when flying the base leg for runway 24.

Aircraft arriving or departing to the North, East and South should contact Doncaster Radar on 126.225 as soon as it is safe to do so. Please remain outside controlled airspace until a clearance has been obtained.

Unless you are a regular visitor and are familiar with Netherthorpe you must get a safety brief with an instructor before departure.

Landing fee, parking and Fuel

The landing fee for visiting aircraft is currently £10.00 and £20.00 for helicopters. Landings are free when uplifting 40L or more of avgas. Free short term parking for visiting aircraft is on the area adjacent to the taxiway between the fuel and the threshold of runway 36. Please enquire with us if you need to leave your aircraft for an extended period of time.

We have self service avgas 100LL available at a very competitive price. We DO NOT currently have mogas or Avtur/Jet-A1.

Please refer to the Netherthorpe airfield information contained in the UK AIP before departure.  The UK AIP is available on-line here. This web page is provided for your convenience and is not to be used for navigation. Sheffield Aero Club accepts no liability for errors and ommissions herein.